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Do You Ever Have Dreams about an Ex???

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(another post from my myspace blog dated Sept 20, 2007– sure had my friends riled up!)

I saw an ex last night.

In my dream.

And we hugged.

Nothing else happened, but I woke up late!

We reunited at somebody’s graduation.

We walked up to each other, and my arms naturally circled his neck.

I buried my face into his chest while his hands gravitated to the small of my back, his arms contouring my waist.

And we clicked, like two puzzle pieces that had found their perfect fit.

I remember thinking, ‘This is right. This is the way a hug is supposed to feel.’

It was the kind of hug where you just breathe in that other person and your eyes naturally shut, heightening the tactile experience.

But the sensory experience wasn’t just about being touched, but rather enveloped by this other receptive warm body.

It was almost like my body knew that eliminating one sense would intensify the experience of the other.

And I breathed him in almost as if I believed the act was somehow nourishing me, filling some empty reserve.

Comforted by the familiarity of his hug, yet exhilarated by its novelty, I woke up sated, melting into my covers, remembering the feeling.

It felt real.




Did I mention it was just a hug?LOL

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