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Dating or Marrying a Twin

Have you ever dated someone who was a twin? I married a twin, and as you already know, he’s an amazing partner:) The other day, when I was talking to one of my closest friends who is also a twin, she said,

It’s good you’re married to a twin. Twins make great marriage partners because they have always experienced what it means to be a “we.” They know how to share attention; they know how to work as a unit instead of as just an individual.

I never really thought about it before, but it makes sense! Which also makes me wonder if birth order influences how great a partner you are. Are first borns bossy partners? Do last borns expect to be spoiled? What about only children? Is it hard to have a partner who is an only child? Are middle children peace makers?

All this just got me thinking… Readers, any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t like to date a twin, because it’s easy to confuse them:) I’ve heard a lot of stories about twins changing their places to test their partners and I don’t want to be tested! I know that the twins are very close, but I want to be the only clothest person to my boyfriend!!!

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