For Single Girls

What Really Matters

The Number One Thing to Look for in a Partner and Strive for Yourself

Honesty/Integrity Why? Because so many things stem from a lack of this.
  • Cheating
  • Lying
  • Giving insincere flattery
  • Brushing things under the rug
  • Communication problems because you'd rather not stir up conflict
  • Jealousy because of lack of trust
  • Possessiveness because of lack of trust
  • Promises meaning nothing
  • Atmosphere of doubt and insecurity

Romeo and Juliet Breakup

Def: Romeo and Juliet Breakup- a breakup caused by parents Has this ever happened to you? I had two of these breakups. The first one was with my high school sweetheart who I'm getting reacquainted with right now, and who's given me permission to call him Sleepless in Seattle Boy:) My dad pulled me out of boarding school and made me break up with him before summer break of my freshman year. The second one was with a boy I met in college. This time it was his mom who broke us up. She thought we were too young and too serious, especially since he was still planning to go to med school. At 18 (him) and 20 (me), I guess she had a point! It didn't end like this: (of course this Texas girl just needs a reason to play this lovely song.)

A Couple Who Laughs, Lasts

Here is my hairdresser Sarah, and her boyfriend of six years! How cute are they??? When you stop laughing together, just consider it the beginning of the end. A couple…