For Single Girls

Perfection Will Not Come

A Letter for Every Single Christian Woman Who Just Wants to Find Mr. Right

So thankful that Anonymous Guy over at Associated Content took the time and effort to painstakingly respond to my article: A Letter for Every Good, Decent Christian Single Guy Who Just Wants to Find Miss Right He's letting me publish his letter on here! So for all the single Christian women out there, read this! (It'll make a lot more sense if you read the other letter first, since it's a response)

Advice from My Friend Gabe

Do you expect your best friend to be everything for you? Probably not. You go out with some friends. They are your entertainment buddies. You share your deepest secrets with other friends. You know they are trustworthy. And still you get advice from other friends. You know they are wise, and you trust their opinion. This friend makes you laugh. You appreciate his humor. This friend tells it like it is. You appreciate that she is candid. You have travel buddies, eating buddies, movie buddies. You have childhood friends who you can talk to after months, even years have passed, and pick up exactly where you left off. You have friends who push you out of your comfort zone... And friends you turn to when your heart is breaking. The point is this:
You don't expect any one friend to have everything you're looking for in a friendship. Each person is unique and brings something new to the table, just like you do for them...
Why is it then... that sometimes we expect our significant other... to be everything for us?