It hurts

What Heartache Feels Like for a Woman

What Heartache Feels Like for a Man

It's the season for carols, Christmas cheer, gift-giving and family parties. Everyone's jolly, right??? With jazzy tunes, glowing Christmas lights and made-for-cuddling weather, it's no wonder die-hard hopeless romantics love this season.. ...Just not when you're the guy who's experienced heartbreak and this time of the year is just a not-so-subtle reminder that you are alone. For all of you guys who are experiencing heartache during this time of the year, take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Maybe you'll be able to relate to what these men have to say. For all the women who are reading this, this is a chance for us to put ourselves in these men's shoes. It's my hope that with this two part series, we can all learn to empathize with the opposite sex. Thank you to all my friends who have so graciously opened up the scar again-- just so we can get a deeper understanding of human suffering. Your words are painfully brilliant glimpses into the human heart.