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You Know You’re Smitten When…

Can Your Really Have it All?

I'm talking about unmatched success in career and your love life.... Hmmm... my awesome coworker, a social venturist philosopher for our times posed this question. He mentioned that 3rd Rock deals with this theme. His theory is that both endeavors require all a person has. What do you think???? He doesn't think you can have equally unmatched success in both your career and your love life because both endeavors require all a person has.

Risks in Love

(photo by leloveimage) (myspace entry April 17, 2007-- with additional stuff) A risk is something that exposes a person to the chance of injury or loss. A risk is a personal thing, and every person applies risk to different things. Some people are afraid of moving to new cities, meeting new people, or trying new things. I personally thrive on those things, so I wouldn't define those actions as "risks." I figure you can always move somewhere else... make new friends... or go back to doing old things. But, it's different with relationships. Because I only have one heart.