For Girls in a Relationship

For the Woman Who Wants to Get Married: Facts about Men and Women You Need to Know

How to Avoid Arguments

Any time you're in a relationship and you're wondering what course of action you should take regarding an issue you're having with your significant other, ask yourself this question: What…

Especially for Women: A List For the New Year

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want. ~ Ben Stein I wrote this blog post because the top things that women type in google to get to my site are: Do I like him? What guys think Why do I like him? how guys think

The Test of True Love

Billy, one of my exes
When I said I love you to this guy... I meant forever. We were friends for 8 months. Dated for 6 weeks. But it took me 3 years to get over him. I don't know what's harder, breaking up when one of the parties wants it to end, or when both parties want to be together.