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Risks in Love

(photo by leloveimage) (myspace entry April 17, 2007-- with additional stuff) A risk is something that exposes a person to the chance of injury or loss. A risk is a personal thing, and every person applies risk to different things. Some people are afraid of moving to new cities, meeting new people, or trying new things. I personally thrive on those things, so I wouldn't define those actions as "risks." I figure you can always move somewhere else... make new friends... or go back to doing old things. But, it's different with relationships. Because I only have one heart.

Love= Sacrificing Novelty????

(picture by Rockstar Diaries)

On my way to work this morning, I thought about why I tend to run away from men. (One of the benefits of my cd player being stolen: I have 1 hour everyday to just think) I don't know if other people do this... This sort of "self sabotage" of relationships. Like Tibby in The Sisterhood of Traveling Parts 2-- (yes, I'm guilty of loving even teenage chick flicks) She says:
The problem is every time I try to get close to somebody it's like there's something out there that just says 'Oh Tibby's about to be happy, better get her.'

For the Woman Who Wants to Get Married: Facts about Men and Women You Need to Know

Statistics are from this article: Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others.
  • Men do have a biological clock, based on their desire to be an active father (especially to their sons)

  • Men are attracted by the physical, but marry character. While 68% gave a physical description of their fiancée, only 20% said that what attracted them was how gorgeous and sexy their fiancée was. Over 60% described their personalities, even if the women in question were very beautiful.

How to Avoid Arguments

Any time you're in a relationship and you're wondering what course of action you should take regarding an issue you're having with your significant other, ask yourself this question: What…