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How to Flirt with a Girl

Remember Alex? I wrote about him in the post "How to Approach a Girl." Turns out his name is actually Anthony. (whoops) I saw him again. He came in for tutoring, didn't know I was a tutor and couldn't hide his excitement to see me. How could I not smile? Of course I ended up having to work with him one on one. Let's just say that it was hard for me to be um, professional. The guy's a flirt, and damn good at it. It was nearly impossible not to flirt back. He should write the book on flirting. Somehow he managed to be both humble and confident in his approach. In the middle of our tutoring session, he got a phone call from a friend and instead of excusing himself he said, "Do you mind if I take this really quick?" I said "Sure, but make it quick." He answered it and as he's smiling at me, he said, "Hey can I call you back? Remember that hot girl I approached the other day? She's tutoring me right now!(pause) I know! Score! k-k. Dude, I gotta go."

I Love Porn…

For Women! This book is a great little last minute gift if your girlfriend likes a laugh. You guys can go through it together. Here's an inside peek: Oh and…

5 Tips For Guys: How to Choose a Good Online Picture

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I used to be really scared of dating someone I met online. But I gave in. I have yet to actually meet anyone in person, but I've come a long way as far as my attitude about online dating is concerned. Now I realize that online guys are just like guys I see walking down the street. (or in the library)The truth is it's hard to meet new people unless you go to bars, clubs or you're interested in dating a coworker. It's hard to meet new people when you always go to the same places and see the same people. So, I've chatted with a few men online, started to talk to one on the phone... and actually have only great things to say about them! Being scared of online dating is soooo 2007:) Here are five picture tips for guys, based on what I've come across: