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How to Choose Where To Go on a First Date

Why She Left You

I ran into this article by the wonderful, humorous blogger, The Barefoot. He is so right on the money, and he makes the truth comedic. I love this line: Women…

Great Things to Learn Before You Have a Family

I guess this post applies to anyone, but I particularly wanted to address my single readers. Some of the time, we can get so caught up in the "hunt" for Mr. or Mrs. Right or even just our next love interest, that we forget (I know I do!) that this "season of singleness," as some people have dubbed it, has an actual purpose besides just waiting. When you get into a relationship, that significant other does tend to take up a significant amount of your time and energies, not to mention brain space! Then if you add family to that equation and start popping out the little adorable munchkins, consider 'free' time a luxury. This is all good and well. My point isn't to bash couple-dom or family. I just want those who are single to take advantage of the free time at your disposal! Let's learn some skills now that will benefit us in the future when free time is a thing of the past and we have to meet the demands of a family and a spouse. Here are some great things to learn before you have a family. Some are pretty obvious, but still worth mentioning. I'd love other ideas! Feel free to comment:)

Interacting with Strangers: How to Know if a Girl is Interested Before You Ask Her Out

I know guys like success. Whether we’re talking the board room, stock options or their latest female interest. Most guys wouldn’t propose to a girl unless they’re pretty sure they’re going to get a yes… yet guys ask girls out all the time without first determining if the girl’s interested. You might have seen the funny Mad TV skit called, “Can I have Your Number?” It’s hilarious: