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Awesome bonus list

This is a part 3 to making a list of a partner, apparently I am obsessed.

I like to get super cheesy with it and call it, “The Awesome Bonus List”.

I think it when dating it is important to know what you want and what you don’t want. I previously wrote about having an all encompassing, main idea list of what you want in a partner. Those main characteristics are what we must decipher when we are getting to know someone.

It is also important to have an Awesome Bonus List.  

Things that are flexible, but can tip the scales in the direction of a fourth date or a friendship. 

Think of things:

  • You do for fun
    • Rock climbing, Netflix, cooking, etc.
  • You hate doing
    • Your nemesis is dusting.  Maybe they can take it over.  
    • Perhaps they excel at cooking and you prefer to have cereal than to dirty a dish.
    • Maybe they love car maintenance and you prefer laundry.
    • Look for things that can bring balance.  
  • Your personality weaknesses
    • I know that I’m an introvert.  I would prefer someone who can make-up for this at parties, but does not need to be around people all the time.  I also need someone I don’t have to baby-sit if we are around friends, but someone that can fend and survive on their own. 
  • Life time goals
    • Do you have a lot of ambition. Is that important in a partner?  Think your lifetime goals and determine the role your partner should play in them.  Do they have to fit them to for you to be able to achieve? No…would it be a nice bonus? Absolutely.

There are a million things you can consider and play with on this list. But I would recommend keeping it looe and flexible.  

What really matters

My friend’s sister had been in a relationship that ended in disappointment and frustration. Entering her mid 30s, she was ready to be married and start a family. She sat down and wrote a list of exactly what she wanted in a man, put it in her Bible and prayed over it daily.

A year and half later she was happily married to a man that met everything she had asked God for.

I think that it is easy to forget this most important part.  The prayer.  This is the only way we will truly be blessed with what God has for us.

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