Asking Out a Woman with a Great Personality and Charming her Socks Off

Guys, need help adding some umph to your charm skills? Of course I want you to get creative when you approach women, but I understand sometimes a guy just needs some examples to get the ideas rolling:)

I have ideas from men who have approached me in the past, some of them doing it oh so cleverly(those stick out in my head) and I probably watch too many romantic comedies:)

Here is one way to approach a woman you’ve just met who is charming your socks off! Let’s say she’s a salesperson working in retail…

What to say. Possibly??? Remember, this is just an idea to play with… Something that comes off as “charming.”

I just have to say that you really have an infectious/magnetic personality, and this store is lucky to have you here. With that enthusiasm, and that smile, I’m sure you get asked out a lot.

Principle: always precede with a compliment before the close! And starting off with “I’m sure you get asked out a lot” kinda prepares her for what’s coming so it doesn’t have that shock factor that throws women off.

I bet your boyfriend doesn’t like that….

or straight up-

Do you have a boyfriend?

(If she hesitates you can joke around- ‘Or do you wish you could lie right now and say you do?’–laugh! It makes the tension less at this point and makes you look self assured and confident)

If she says she has a boyfriend, just say,

“He’s a lucky guy.”

and then leave with,

“I’d be next in line if he ever forgets what a good thing he has, but I’m sure you wouldn’t be single long.”

or you can just leave with,

“Have a great day.”

If she says she doesn’t have a boyfriend, you can tease,

“Is that an invitation for me to ask you out?”

(jokingly) or

“Ok, here it comes! I’m going to ask for your number and you can say yes or no. If you say no, there won’t be any awkwardness after this very uncomfortable, but very brief moment because you’ll never see me again. And if you say yes… you’re going to have to not look out the window when I leave so I can do my happy dance:)

Principle: Leave her something to laugh about, or even better, something cute, straight out of a movie to tell her girl friends about:)

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