Advice to my Younger Self

I think if we could go back in time, we would all have something to say to our younger self. I used to hear that youth was wasted on the young.  And now, I understand what the saying means. It’s not energy or vitality, it is having a clear picture of the important things and priorities in life. It is avoiding mistakes that will be our shadow to the day we pass,  words that poured out of us in spite of who we thought we were and missed opportunities that we didn’t know existed.

Youth is wasted on the young was foolish to me. Until I sat down and took stock of the choices that I had made: the decisions that formed my path and my character,  and saw their long term effects. That without a conscious realization the decisions I was making would echo into my future and are now defining portions of my present.

If I could speak to myself in high school and beyond, here are 15 things I would hammer into my head.

1. Invest in Realestate

2. Study abroad

3. Don’t quit school

4. Your friends in High School matter

5. Don’t date, or at least get serious, until your mid twenties

6. Wait for sex

7. Make your devotional life THE priority

8. Use sunscreen

9. Learn how to fix things

10. Alway give grace

11. Never take a break from exercising. Not even for a weekend.

12. Start writing sooner

13. Learn to be happy alone

14. Pursue art

15. Read more


What would you add to this list?

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