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Advice for Needy Women

(Thanks for this Robyn!)

You have to envision yourself able to enjoy LOOKING at men, and
THINKING about “one day i will be happily married” without
simultaneously thinking you “need” one now. We don’t ever NEED anybody
in particular. If your parents died, you would still live a good life.
If all of Texas died, you would still have a good life. There is
nobody we can not live without. Even if you are happily married for 1
yr, 5 yrs, 15 years … they could die in a car wreck out of nowhere.
Nothing’s guaranteed, so that is why we should be self-content and
rely on God.

Strong people attract strong people in relationships. Honest people
attract honest people. Stable people attract stable people. Unselfish
people attract unselfish people. etc etc. (This reminded me of this article: You attract who you are)

So this is why you should avoid relationships, (if you feel like you need a guy) because either you’ll find a great guy and he’ll lose interest if you’re not ready for a
serious relationship or you’ll just find not so great guys.

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