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I don’t write on here regularly, but if you’re interested in fashion and beauty, please check out my blog at MidoriLei.com.

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My name is Midori, and I don’t have all the answers. My name means green in Japanese. And green is fitting, because no matter how many times I get involved with a guy, I always feel inexperienced. The more I learn about love, the more I realize what I know means nothing, because relationships are random. There are no set rules. On the upside, no matter how many times you fall in love, it always feels like the first time. Love is a topic that will always be fresh and new. It is a subject that cannot be exhausted. It is the fact of life.

Where to find the girl

I write about relationships here and on the Seattle Examiner. I showcase my photography and give makeovers here. I write about random subjects at Associated Content. If you’re hungry, check out my recipe blog, Tried and True Recipes or if you’re feeling ultra healthy, check out Raw Tried and True Recipes. You can also friend me on my myspace page. Just make sure to say you found me on my dating blog in the message field so I don’t feel guilty, thinking you’re a friend from high school whose face I don’t recognize!

Relationship tidbits about the girl:

I had my first kiss at 13.
It was awful. Like an uncontrolled slimy snake puppet in my mouth.

At 13, my first boyfriend broke up with me in public at the bleachers, with all his friends standing behind him.
I pretended like I didn’t care… and then bawled my eyes out with my friends in an empty classroom afterward.

I was in love with Jonathan Brandis all through elementary school.
I was in love with Jordan Catalano in junior high.

My “type” reminds me of my first “real boy in the flesh” elementary crush, Nicholas Dragoo. (wonder if he’ll ever read this!)

I went to boarding school in high school so I never really had “dates,” just boyfriends.
My dad said I could have a boyfriend if he was always a foot away from me.
That didn’t work out, so he sent me to the Philippines for a year as punishment.
I stayed with the guy.

It took me three years to get over the love of my life.
We only dated for six weeks.

I went on a boyfriend sabbatical the middle of my college years to focus on my spirituality.
After graduating from college in 2004, I realized that wasn’t so wise: the men are in college!

I haven’t been on an actual date or had a boyfriend since 2004. And I’m writing a dating advice column?
Those who don’t do, teach…. those who don’t date, write? Yes, three years to get over a guy coupled with the decision to “Kiss Dating Goodbye,” (would not recommend this book to anyone!)landed me here. 26 and single. Now I’m starting to think that the guy I’m waiting for doesn’t exist. We’ll see:) Or sometimes I wonder if I can’t fall in love again because it happened to me already. Maybe once is all a girl gets?

update: February 1st, 2009: back in the game! Thanks Nathan 😉

I’m also starting to think of marriage as this scary, looming season that imposes itself on the 20-something crowd. Til death do you part? That’s a LONG time. So you see, I have my commitment issues.

One of my best friends got married to a man who used her to get a visa. She’s a single mom now.
My other best friend got married to a man who used her to get money. She’s a teacher! What a schmuck. She’s $30,000 in debt now. She divorced him and then found him on myspace with another woman and a baby on the way. His next victim.

So…I fear marriage.

But, I still believe in happily ever afters.

I like shy boys.
I like hot nerds.
I like when boys listen and ask questions more than they talk.
I like guys who smile A LOT.
I like boys who love to dance and cook.
I believe he’s out there somewhere.

What you don’t need to know about the girl
I like taking pictures of people, but I don’t like to be in them because I feel like I look different or fat in every picture. Sad, I know. I’m working on it:)

I don’t ever get bored, but I do get bored with my hair. So it changes all the time. Right now it’s wavy and blond.

I prefer change to keeping things the same, and my mind is always in the future. (I’m working on living in the moment too!)

I’m excessive in most things, finding it most difficult to find balance, but striving for it nonetheless. I abstain from alcohol because of this fact.

I love orange. I think if joy were a color, it would be orange!

I only like sweet things that are creamy or tarty.

I’m a bit narcissitic in the sense that I like to find out about myself. I know my personality type: ENFP and my top stengths: Futuristic, Positivity, Input, Communication, and Restorative.

I want to get to know you!

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