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A woman’s GREATEST need

Guys, listen up. This guy has a great point. I don’t agree with everything he says, but one thing he has on the MONEY is what a woman’s greatest need is!

Here’s stuff from his website:

What Women Want Vs. What Guys Want
Guys keep giving WOMEN what GUYS would want, in the typical guys’ frame of scarcity and desperation.

But this is like giving SALTY PRETZELS instead of water to a man dying of THIRST, and then wondering why he doesn’t seem to appreciate it.

Women are EMOTIONALY DYING OF THIRST for some masculine confidence, wit, humor, and leadership, as well as for some sexual tension, unpredictability, intrigue, fun, and excitement.

…You can give her the GREATEST gift she has ever experienced- which is EMOTIONAL fulfillment. When you KNOW you have something AWESOME to GIVE, you are bathed in an infinite sense of calm and security.

Women’s Deepest Desires
…Raw SEX is easy for a woman to get. As a result, her self-esteem does not depend on it at all. Therefore ultimate sexual desire in a woman can only be unleashed when you ALSO know how to satisfy her other intense emotions, because the REALITY is that all these emotions are VERY MUCH connected. One unlocks the door to the other.

Emotions are the ONLY truth that matters in this arena.

And you are going to be the biggest GIVER she ever had, because you are going to be GIVING her EXACTLY what she NEEDS to feel INSANELY GREAT.

And believe me, when you can do THAT to a woman, she won’t just be attracted to you. She will be OBSESSED with you. So this is responsibility that you must take with great sincerity.

My point is, you have to understand the fact that women are different from men. Men need the physical connection much much more. Women need the emotional connection. Men will typically see a gorgeous woman and think that they aren’t in their league. This is NOT true! Why? Because no matter how gorgeous she is, she still has the same needs of a woman, which YOU my friend can provide her. Her needs are emotional! So while you bathe in her beauty and charms, she can bask in the the emotional fulfillment you provide her. EVERY woman is this way.

Yikes. The secret is out. Use this knowledge for good!

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  2. Scott Bogart - Author of Enlightened Dating for Men

    Wow! You point out an amazing truth about a woman’s emotional needs vs. the man’s sexual needs. Even women who are highly sexually motivated statistically have greater emotional needs than men. As men, we can only hope that her emotional needs and the way that she deals with them emotionally come from a mature and adult place, and not from an emotionally immature place. But the aspect of maturity and being an adult is important to both genders as they look for meaningful encounters.

  3. MidoriLei

    Scott Bogart, can you elaborate on this concept further?

    the way that she deals with them emotionally come from a mature and adult place, and not from an emotionally immature place

    a penny for your thoughts?

  4. hunter

    Yes, Scott, can you tell us(in mans language) what Midori is trying to say?…..

  5. Anonymous

    woman just need time for love and affection just like my wife. They just want to feel the love of every man. But we MEN don’t see it because we are not emotional as they are.

  6. hunter


    It is a fact, that many women tune into the “Bad Boys” vibe, because they do stir up a womans emotions…..

  7. Sam Feroz

    Love the blog and I got some secrets about Ladies that you might want to checkout at 😉

  8. Fayyaz

    Midori! I have a question. I study at a university and I often see a very beautiful girl which study in another department. I am average looking guy and shy to approach her out of fear of rejection.

    How can I emotionally turn her on before even approaching her? is it possible?

    • MidoriLei

      Fayyaz, Good question….

      I don’t know of any way to emotionally turn on a woman before you approach her… It is your pursuit that will add to her level of attraction. Don’t worry about the fact that you are average looking and she is beautiful. Men are more visual. Women are more emotional. There is no victory without a pursuit and taking that risk that you might be rejected. Ask her if she has plans for New Years Eve. If she doesn’t tell her, I’d be honored if you’d let me take you out to dinner. You know you don’t want to be alone when the ball drops! And smile. Look her straight in the eye. Smiling and looking her straight in the eye shows confidence. If she says no, then tell her, well whoever gets to spend New Years Eve with you is a lucky guy. Have a great day. That way it doesn’t look like you are affected by the rejection (also shows confidence) and maybe she’ll be thinking about you that day, now cool, calm and confident you were. When you see her again, if she smiles and makes eye contact, that’s a good sign. If she avoids eye contact and doesn’t smile, not a good sign. But if she smiles and looks at you, then approach her again! Just come up to her and say, “Hey, how about that date?” Don’t let one little “no” get you down. You will know if she can be won over if she smiles at you or looks you in the eye after your first interaction.

  9. Fayyaz

    Midori, Thanks for your answering my question. Your advice is invaluable to me!

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