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A Rare Sighting!

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Tonight I heard the most unusual sound when I went into the kitchen. I couldn’t believe my ears. It wasn’t something you’d find on Ripley’s Believe it or Not, more like something you’d only read about in Porn for Women. But I witnessed it with my own two ears and smiled with hopeful appreciation.

I heard two men, one of which was my brother talking on the phone, giving a recipe to another man. The person on the receiving end was his best friend, a nineteen year-old personal trainer with a body like the Rock. And he wanted to know how to make brazilian Rice and black beans.

I walked in when my brother was explaining how to choose a Pablano Pepper. Hmmm… I thought, it gets better? They aren’t just exchanging bachelor recipes like how to make mac and cheese or spaghetti from the bottle? This mysterious recipe called for mysterious gourmet-sounding ingredients!??!

I was blown away and happily strutted out to write this in hopes that you too, my dear reader will find joy in knowing men still cook, even men in their teens and twenties…. And now they’re sharing recipes with each other! An unbelievable, once in a lifetime siting I just had to share.

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  1. Miles

    I know a few guys that love cooking.

    I am one of them.

    I have my own recipes for chicken marinades, steak marinades, and bbq chicken wraps.

    I also have my own recipe for Boneless Honey BBQ Chicken Wings. Which are quite popular when I make them for friends and family.

    I also make a mexican caesar salad and my own nachos.

    All of recipes that I have either made, been inspired by, or just experimented with.

    P.S and yes I am young, 20.

    Give us some credit!

  2. MP

    this is funny! LOL. yep, my bro cooks…..

    anyhoo, just figured I should browse your myspace and so it led me here…..

    I hope you’re doing well my dear……….


    blessings, mp

  3. Allan

    Haha! When I was reading this, I thought it was about Dee and I was like thinking, “Wow! You know this story sounds strangely familiar. Dee cooks that too?”

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