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A Letter for Every Single Christian Woman Who Just Wants to Find Mr. Right

So thankful that Anonymous Guy over at Associated Content took the time and effort to painstakingly respond to my article: A Letter for Every Good, Decent Christian Single Guy Who Just Wants to Find Miss Right

He’s letting me publish his letter on here! So for all the single Christian women out there, read this! (It’ll make a lot more sense if you read the other letter first, since it’s a response)

Dear Miss Right,

I could ask you the same question. None of us were created to be alone, we thrive off of love and relationship, so I think it’d be mutually beneficial for us to find each other quickly. The truth is, and this is where most guys won’t admit it, I need you as much as you need me. I’ve tried to be one of those super macho guys, but in all honesty, in my heart, nothing could be more satisfying than to be your sensitive and loving provider, your husband. My plans and ideas are everywhere. I ask God daily for direction and confirmation. God’s the only one with the big picture, because I’m as lost as you are. I know that there are wonderful things out there for us to discover together, God will reveal them to each of us in time. There IS a reason we’re still not together. Logically it’s because we haven’t met… or if we have, we haven’t gotten to know each other. You’re not the only one without a line of ducks, I think some of mine might actually be geese, in which case, I have to be rid of them and find the ducks to fill their spots.

I agree with you wholeheartedly about the right woman and the wrong time being the wrong woman. The same can be said for guys. And truthfully, God’s been dealing with me on issues that would only bring our relationship down. I struggle with the idea of being forgiven without cause, and I need to learn to be more accepting of grace. Until I am, please don’t give up on me. Truthfully, the reason we’re not together is that I’ve asked God to hold off on our introduction until I’m ready to be the man you deserve. I have some of the same fears. Trust me, nothing’s scarier for a guy than to think that he’ll be the emotional head over heels in love one, while you look on in disdain. I want to get lightheaded when you walk into a room, and I want you to melt at my smile. Don’t be afraid, you can never ask too much of God. Nothing is beyond His capacity. The very reason you feel like I should be these things for you, is because God has created a desire in you specifically for me and only me, who will be these things, and you won’t be happy with any other guy.

And believe me, I’m far from perfect. My heart aches at the very thought of you getting me. I’m the undeserving one. It’s not fair that someone with a past like mine gets coupled with the woman of his dreams. But the beauty of grace, is that it makes life not fair. I AM looking for you, and I’m waiting for God to deem the time right for us to meet. The fact that I know you’re out there doing the same, only strengthens me further. I hate to disappoint you, but I’m very much into movies and TV… Luckily, to have an interest in something does not necessarily mean to believe it. Love is not a feeling or emotion that coincides with “Happily Ever After”, it’s a choice. And I’ve decided to love you unconditionally into eternity.

Admittedly, a good appearance is nice, but appearances can be deceiving. Don’t worry about it; be yourself. My eyes were made with you in mind, so I’d say you have an advantage over other women. And besides, if you make yourself look too good, you’ll run the risk of attracting more than just me… I don’t want to have to fend the hounds off my woman! Your imperfections are what make you you, and I can put you just as easily on my screensaver or wall, as any of those other women. And the best part is, then I’ll have the real thing right by my side to keep me warm. Good luck with the cover snatching, you’ll need it. (lol) While there are a lot of pretty women out there, there’s only one for me. I would never settle for someone I could live with, and you shouldn’t either. Where’s the fun in that? I’m the one you could never imagine life without.

I’m the guy you might notice at first, but only in that, vague sort of way, but if you got to know me, you’d find a soul that yearns after God, and that’s what will help you understand the plan God has laid out for the both of us. If I only saw beauty from the world’s perspective, I’d be a rather lonely individual, wouldn’t I? There is none more beautiful than a beautiful soul. I can’t wait to be captivated by yours. I’d take on all the pain the world could throw at you, and you’d be the heaven that helped me bare it. I’ll be the first to admit, I struggle with taking a passive role. It’s hard to be a leader with no one to lead. Your point is valid, however, I find it ironic that you were the one to initiate this conversation, to which I am responding. I have difficulty knowing who to pursue, I guess my biggest fear is accidentally getting in too deep with someone that’s not you. I have been hurt and rejected, and mostly because I’ve pursued… In fact, most of the stupid things I’ve done have come from “the hunt.” Maybe I should learn to do less shooting and more tracking. I can’t just fire into the crowds and hope for a hit. God has directed me on how to set my sights to find you. And you’ll be my trophy wife. (lol, couldn’t help myself with that one.) I’ll have you know, if you think I’d get married for the sake of getting married, maybe it’s you that’s looking in the wrong places. Marriage is a commitment for life, and that’s a commitment I’d be miserable to make to anyone but you. That and I want my rib back. I’ll tell you what, my rib for the covers, sound like a deal? There is no one I’d rather build my life with.

We’ll have our pitfalls, but we’ll also have our mountain tops, and there’s no one I’d rather share my adventure with because I know that there’s no way I can grow to be the man God wants me to be without you by my side.

I’m getting kinda tired myself. It’s 58 days after New Year’s Eve, and I kissed no one… I was actually oblivious to the clock altogether as I was watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus (but that’s another story). Believe me, I’d rather have been in your arms. I wasn’t truly alone, but I was as good as. I’m one of the ones that feels lonely in a crowd, because I just don’t fit in. I’m not of this world, and that’s how you’ll be able to pick me out. I can’t wait till I can hold you as we usher in our first New Year together. It’ll be my happiest moment… until the next time you smile.

Good night to you, my love! God’s time is His own, but I pray daily that He take into consideration our time not spent together is time lost. I’ll search for you until I die, but I trust God to make sure it doesn’t take that long. Don’t settle for Mister Sorta Charming, because trust me, when you meet me, he’s going to look like the frog. I know not what form you’ll take, but I know you’ll be the woman God’s formed for and from me. I know you will have honesty, faith, tenderness, and a pure heart: each a beauty in and of its own. Even one of these is worth waiting an eternity for. I’ve loved you as long as you have me, and for the same reason. Don’t give up waiting for me, I’m searching for you. When we do finally meet, you can be sure God will have orchestrated it to bring out the both in best of us and to glorify Him in the greatest means possible. God’s been moving in both of our lives, and He’s been moving us together. It’s only a matter of time before that finally happens.

Forever Yours,
Mister Right

p.s. That guy you were talking about that week, the one that was even at the bar in the first place? Yeah, probably not me. : )

*I highlighted my favorite parts! Thanks Mr Anonymous Guy!

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I love thinking about the intricacies of dating, love and life. I share my tiny lessons in the hope that it helps you as you navigate the dating world.

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  1. Anonymous Guy

    No problem, you’re welcome.

  2. margit

    i love you guys, nice blog, good to read it…keep up the good work…

  3. Anonymous Guy

    I’m trying to post this article seperately on my Associated Content profile, maybe then it’ll get out to more people. It got rejected the first time… something about a numbered list… I detect no numbered list here…

  4. Kim

    This was an amazing entry, this encouraged me. every thing written here totally represents the this a prayed about and the things you want to know about what that man is truly thinking!

    Thank you so much for writing this letter.

  5. Anonymous Guy

    Haha. You’re so much welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read it. It’s nice to see it’s actually encouraging people. It’s something I just felt led to write.

  6. CoffeeGirl

    WOW!!! Thank you SO much for your post. It is amazing and SHOCKING to me that there are men out there that care and take this so deeply serious. I have written DOZENS of letters to my future husband and you have DEFINATELY encouraged me to not give up and to stick to my standards and have patience. KEEP IT UP and GOD bless you immensly!!!

  7. MidoriLei

    That’s awesome that you do that CoffeeGirl! Yeah, don’t settle. God will show you who is right for you. Wait for the very literal “match made in heaven!”

  8. Misaki from Bay Area

    For a moment, I thought you were the guy I was hoping to see again, after we both ate all that ice cream together.

  9. Teresa

    i cried…

  10. MidoriLei

    Teresa, I hope it was tears of hope…

  11. Daenna

    That was AMAZING!!!! I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and could not stop reading! THANK YOU both for speaking straight from your hearts.I felt like I could have written the girl letter myself… it sounded so much like me. Settling has never been an option for me, but as you get older it seems to want to slip in… As a result of reading and crying over this post, I once again know 100% that MY Mister Right is worth the wait for sure and then some. Thanks for that gentle reminder Mr. Anonymous-you are appreciated!


  12. Autumn

    God new I needed to hear this Thank the Lord for the Body of Christ ..Also the Holy Spirit as our guide to connect us that you may be glorified in all things….What encouragement to the ladies and gentlemen in waiting to persevere for God’s best ….Oh I thank the Lord for fulfilling my need this night as I came across this amazing letter from the Lord using you as a vessel Thank You for being an obedient messenger of the Lord…

  13. poisonivy

    I just realized it’s so lonely being SINGLE….but reading this makes me feel okay… hope to meet my MR. RIGHT

  14. Kristen

    Hey there! This was a kind letter. However, and I hate to be the unromantic one, it is actually deeply troubling.

    I do not want a man who values me above God, and I do not want a man who seeks to take Christ’s place in my life. I don’t think that’s what the purpose of this letter was, but there were several lines, such as “I’d take on all the pain the world could throw at you, and you’d be the heaven that helped me bare it.” which were concerning.

    Christ alone can take (and has taken) the “pain the world [can] throw at [me].” Nobody can take that kind of suffering besides the God-Man Himself. For anyone to suppose they can, it is incredibly dangerous, because the amount of suffering the enemy can cause us is great indeed; futhermore, it is even MORE dangerous for a woman to believe a man, any human, could take that kind of suffering because inevitably, we will all let each other down.

    How about this. I pray that the man of my dreams is NOT thinking about me right now, but rather has his eyes fixed upon Christ and His Kingdom. Do not focus on me; focus on the work the Lord has called you to do to His glory. Likewise, I will try, with God’s help, to refocus my own thoughts and heart upon Him and Him alone, and to seek to live my life for His glory and to advance His Kingdom.

    When he and I are brought together, we will recognize one another because we will both have the same passion and calling that God has given to us; we will be equals and co-workers in advancing the Kingdom. We will be attracted to one another, physically and spiritually; that is not something to even worry about.

    God knows what we need; trust Him.

  15. MidoriLei

    Kristen, you make some intriguing points but I have to beg to differ.

    By him saying, “I’d take on all the pain the world could throw at you, and you’d be the heaven that helped me bare it,” I don’t think he’s trying to take the place of Christ in his wife’s life, but as a husband he is called to lay his life down for his wife, as Christ laid down his life for the church, and this is just one way of doing that.

    Eph 5 says:

    25Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26to make her holy, cleansing[b] her by the washing with water through the word, 27and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. 28In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. 29After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does the church—

    so his desire to “take on the pain of the world” for his woman is a good and noble thing, as it is a way that he would “give himself up for her,” by putting her needs and comfort above his own.

    Suffering shared by two parties is definitely to lessen the load as it is written:

    As Eccleciastes 4 says:

    9 Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their work:

    10 If one falls down,
    his friend can help him up.
    But pity the man who falls
    and has no one to help him up!

    We are here to help each other in our suffering and weaknesses.

    I hope that men are thinking of their future wives, even as they fix their eyes on Jesus. They can do both simultaneously. In fact, it would be nearly impossible for a man to not think of his future wife if in fact he is responsible for finding her:

    Proverbs 18:22
    He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.

    Indeed this is his job to find a wife and that begins with thinking about what he’s looking for, and thus thinking about her. Men cannot expect God to just place a woman in their laps, they are given the task of “finding that wife.” Or as one of my favorite pastors once joked, “You don’t stumble upon a field and find a jewel, you have to go searching for it!”

    A virtuous wife is exactly that: compared to a ruby:

    Proverbs 31:10
    A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.

    Indeed men should not feel guilt at searching for a wife. It is his job and a noble job that at it’s completion, God even says to the man that he now finds “favor with the Lord.”

    But you do make a great point, that we will let each other down. Nonetheless, it is honorable for a man to think of his future wife, search for her, want to protect her and actively pursue her.

  16. gentle heart

    True love waits and with this letter I’m not that sad anymore. Kudos to anonymous guy for having such gift of writing letters. I cried but then the feeling is more of relief than despair. That GOD is working in my life and I know He’ll give me that man in His own perfect time. I’ll just keep on praying. MORE OF GOD’s POWER and BLESSINGS to all of us!

  17. Leticia stras

    This is indeed the description of my Mr Right. A God Fearing, God Loving, Gentleman who would love me as Christ loved the church. It would be indeed wrong to marry for the sake of getting married and respecting the social code of marriage before 30. One could end up getting married for all the wrong reasons on Earth and suffer the consequencies. The part I love the most was: “I would never settle for someone I could live with, and you shouldn’t either. Where’s the fun in that? I’m the one you could never imagine life without.”
    Ladies, let’s make it a point to marry someone we cannot live without. Many have married and regretted and are very envious of our single status. We should see our single period as a time to do something for the Lord. He knows the end from the begining and hey, we are in HIS PLANS. God bless Mr anonymous!

  18. MidoriLei

    Leticia, right on! thanks for sharing!

  19. Kiwik

    I have been reflecting on my somewhat newly single status and came upon this blog entry. It has given my heart hope. I am actively waiting for the man I cannot live without. I almost married mr almost right and it was only the strength I found during my Dad’s illness and dying that showed me that this was not the man I was meant to be with. I dream of marrying, of being a wife and of having children. I still have a few ducks to get in a row, but I hope and pray that I will not have to wait long for the man I cannot live without to build our family together.

  20. MidoriLei

    Kiwik, I was single for 5 years before I got married. And it came out of nowhere, out of the blue, when Nate came into the picture. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I just sent a prayer out for you just now:) God knows your needs and desires. Wait on him faithfully. He will provide in the right time. Meditate on this verse in your single years:

    1 Timothy 6:6
    But godliness with contentment is great gain.

    Before God can give you your heart’s desires, he must make sure you are content as you are, so when he gives you your heart’s desires, you will not make that thing an idol above God.
    God bless!

  21. Angie

    wow God bless you for such wonderful words of encouragement. I was siting hre thinking about the fact that the closest friends i have all have mates except for me. I was even at a point of wondering what may be wrong with me or what im doing wrong. By Gods awesome grace, I have so much to be grateful for yet i still find myself wondering why I am still single. Im glad God has used you as an instrument to inform me that it “In HIs own time he makes all things beautiful”. God bless,

  22. MidoriLei

    Angie, I was in your boat. I understand when it’s easy to wonder those things. I was single for FIVE years before my future husband (now husband) came into the picture out of nowhere. I remember praying after my heart was broken after my last serious relationship: “God, this hurts so much. This dating thing is so hard. I don’t EVER want to go through this again. Please, PLEASE let the next person I date be THE ONE.” So… God answered my prayer. I almost dated other guys, but nothing ever come out of it. Later I realized through my loneliness that God was just answering my prayers and protecting me from more pain! I thoroughly enjoyed my single years. and now is a different season and I love it too. I think God had to take away my idolatry towards being with a man to give me more satisfaction in all areas of my life. Now I can enjoy his gift without trying to make my husband my idol.

  23. Leticia

    Hello All,

    I am a single girl who has just met “Mr Right” but I still feel as though I have not finished living my single life out.
    Godliness with content is indeed great gain because even though my beloved has proposed, I still think I need to stay single for a while before tying the knot.
    The single period is great when we fill our lives with Godly things.
    Before I reached this state of mind, I was weaning, crying n weeping over my single status. But when I made it a point to glorify God in my singleness by getting busy in His vineyard, I do not even want to move from this “single state” now that God Himself has brought my husband.
    I am therefore encouraging all we single ladies out there to get busy with the things of God. When your life is filled, you will not feel the void of singleness and the eagerness for a partner that drives us into those dark moods will become shallow.
    May God help us as we live our singleness to His glory.

  24. MidoriLei

    Leticia, why are you not ready to be married? Or are you married now?

  25. Leticia

    What I meant was that, I had been able to (with the help of the Spirit), move from my moody empty single life to an more fulfilling one so even though marriage has come knocking at my door, I still feel I have other thgs to do for the Lord before moving into Mariage. but hey,trust me, I have invited “him” in. smile!
    Marriage, I have come to understand, is not Two empty souls coming together but Two people who have learnt to lead a fulfiling single life and enjoyed every bit of it.
    Any single person who views marriage as a gateway to escape from the misery of singleness will end up desperately unhappy once married.
    The reason is that, if u dont love yourself enough to be happy whiles patiently waiting for that Man frm God, when he comes along, you will make him your source of joy. Since God did not create your mate to be the very source of your joy, you wil end up suffocating him by wanting him to fill a void in you that he can unfortunately not, no matter how hard he tries.
    The sum of it all is that, we single sisters should fill our lifes with worthy thgs so that when Mr Rite comes long, he will complement us.
    Let’s make Jesus the very source.
    When the help of the Spirit, it will be well.
    God bless

  26. MidoriLei

    that was awesomely put Leticia. thank you for sharing!

  27. elena

    that`s amazing … and i` agree with leticia …

  28. Abby

    This made me cry.. God led me on this site.. I know God is still preparing the right man for me..

  29. myself

    hey,thank you for this wonderful article..i think god lead me into reading this….i was in a bit of confusion till now i think most of my questions were answrd ..god knows it the best… i dont really have to worry about this at all…if he is meant for me , he will come back to me… praise GOD ..HALLELUIAH! !!

  30. steph

    This was beautiful.

  31. Deliela

    Glad I read it. Praise God.

  32. Deliela

    This was beautiful and puts a lot more things int perspective

  33. Deliela

    I’m happy that I read this letter. Some months ago, I just felt lonesome. Now I feel content being single becauae I’ve been seeking and serving the Lord. Only God can fill a special place in my life. I’m WAITING on God’s best. Gods timing: 0) His will.

  34. MidoriLei


    that’s awesome. God won’t leave you disappointed. He knows your needs, he placed them there! I waited 5 years, and Nate was TOTALLY worth the wait.

  35. Deliela

    @MidorLei..God bless you.

  36. Alain


    This is really interesting, your experience show a lot lesson behind it. May the God of Abraham, The God of Isac, The God of Israel and the God of Vanuatu be with you all always. Patience is virtue of faith and lead always to wise decision with beautiful outcome. God will provide your husbands at his Divine time…therefore patience will lead you all there.

  37. waited

    awesme sight..:D…..i have….Lived alone in the LORD 16 YEARS….the joy of the LORD is my strength…He has never failed me yet….HE HEARS…HE SEES….HE KNOWS….TRUST HIM…HE CARES!

  38. Monique

    Beautiful! Thanks for reminding me not to settle…I will wait for Gods best and he will come in Gods best timing.

  39. DavidM

    kristen, while you do offer good points. There are some points made where you can not have one without the other. The glory of God’s kingdom is the joy and true happiness of man. Man can not truly be happy and have joy without a wife, neither can woman without a husband. By him thinking of you, he is thinking of, considering, and advancing God’s kingdom, and His works. While no man, nor woman canever take the place of, and the grace of Christ. He will only offer his grace to those who… to be continued…

  40. DavidM

    continued- have done all they can themselves, including relying on others, on your husband, or your wife, letting them share in your grief, burdens and joy. Faith without works is dead. The husband is to cling unto his wife, the wife to the husband. They are to devote their life to eachother. Doing so in no way impedes Gods work, not doing so does impede His work and kingdom.

  41. DavidM

    If you think about it, Gods work is to bring about the exaltation of his children. His children can not be exalted without a physical body. God has given the sole charge, the miracle of creating physical bodies to a single man and woman duly and properly married, with their lifes devoted to eachother. If one or both are already devoted to Christ, then to truly be devoted to that person would to also be devoted to Christ. And that devotion to Him is all that much more.

  42. DavidM

    Ah, such wonders, such simplicity, such mysteries of what His plans and works are. You can’t cling unto nor think of mr or mrs right without thinking and clinging unto Christ, nor can you do His work and follow His plans without thinking of and clinging unto your spouse. Gods work is to bring about exaltation to His children, at the very center of His work is proper marriage between a man and a woman. By no other means is it possible to move His kingdom forward, except by the sanctity of marriage


    • MidoriLei


      What about those who have the “gift of singleness?” Jesus was single. Paul was single. Many people are single and glorify God.

  43. DavidM

    There’s actually questions about if Jesus was actually single. But there is that point, however the response was given in the context of not being single. It’s true that there are those who are single who contribute just as equally to God’s work, and they will be blessed for it, as well. However without the union between a man and a woman His work would inevitably come to a halt, that is setting aside any miracles. However He is bound by laws we don’t always know. The birth of a child is such a…

  44. DavidM

    cental part of His plan, His work, that without such no other part nor work of His is able to be done, even by those who are single. Not to demean nor belittle their part in the grand schemes of things, as their work is as equally important. If they too fail to do their part, His plan is unable to proceed farther. It’s just that the birth of a precious child is at the bottom rung of a ladder, it’s the first step of a thousand mile journey. The last step, or the top rung is just a equally important in…

  45. DavidM

    the grand scheme of things. The last step can’t happen without the first, likewise the goal of the first step can’t happen without the last step. Many are called, but few are chosen. There are many steps to be taken, each requiring a person with their own unique circumstances that they and they alone are called and able to do, even those who are single, or otherwise. -DavidM

  46. anonymous

    David M…I find your comment regarding marriage as being the only vehicle to move the kingdom forward to be unscriptural. Actually, in the New Testament Paul clearly states that those who are unmarried are holy both in body and spirit, and that they are more “concerned about the things of the LORD” than those who are married.

  47. DavidM

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that those who are “blessed with singleness” throughout this life will have their chance in the life to come, as long as they didn’t refuse His gift of Mrs. or Mr. Right. As such things may be held against one in much the same way that you might hesistate to offer more gifts to someone who did not appreciate such gestures, previously. He is merciful, but He is also just. A seemingly impossible balance, but He found a way to do so. -DavidM

  48. anonymous

    David M…..JESUS was single. To imply otherwise is blasphemy. Also… JESUS stated that in heaven we neither marrry nor are we gven in marriage, but we will be like the angels in heaven. Male/female relations is solely for the time on earth for the purpose of reproduction.

  49. DavidM

    Are you sure to imply such is blasphemy? W as He not the perfect example, fulfiling every commandent given to man. Was not man commanded to replenish the earth, in the sanctity of marriage? It’s not exactly clear who that Mary is at the tomb.

    As for marriage being for this life only, is that a correct translation. If it is, or is not, then what praytell is meant by whatsoever ye bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven, whatsoever ye loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. It’s not an exact quote, but…

  50. DavidM

    the meaning there.

    As for the practicility of marriage and the birth of a child, not being the only means to move the work forward.
    If you think about it, it’s not just scriptural, but practical. If you weren’t born, could you do the work He has for you to do in this mortal state. The answer is no, you can not.
    There is at least one scripture reference that I don’t know of exactly, but it states something along the line of that whoever prohibits marriage is not of the lord. Somthing to ponder. -DavidM

  51. gentle heart

    It’s been a year and a half since I’ve put my message here but I’m not complaining, just patiently waiting… I know and I feel that He would come at the right moment and at the right time. I’ll be praying earnestly. Who knows, my third posts would be me getting married. Praise GOD! <',)

    • MidoriLei

      gentle heart,

      Your patience will be rewarded. I was single for five years before God sent Nate into my life. Just make sure you are doing all you can to make yourself “Mrs. Right” 🙂

  52. gentle heart

    Thanks for the encouragement. God bless!

  53. RachiLuvsJesus

    Im only 14, and I know thats like really young, but I know what I want my future husband to be like, and this is it 🙂 Im gonna wait for him, let God be my Mr Right for now, and Im gonna use my purity ring as a reminder that God has true love in store for me, and Im not gonna compromise anything. 🙂 I cant wait to meet the guy God has for me! Hes gonna be a true Christian, strong in faith, and I bet he’s super cute too! And has a great smile that will melt me. 🙂 You guys should read “Praying For Your Future Husband”! From what Ive read of it, its a great book! :D…
    God Bless…. !

    • MidoriLei


      I met my future husband when I was 15! You’re not too young to know what you want. Although I met my future husband at age 15, we were separated for 12 years after that, and in God’s timing, he brought him back to me. I was a virgin when I got married, and I encourage you that your waiting will be worth it! God’s plan is always the best. Thank you for your comment:)

      I remember when I was single, I would listen to love songs and put God in there as the guy. He really was my true love before he brought my husband, Nate in to my life:)

  54. dagi

    dear ms midorilei, ur letter was amazing. really amazing. uv put it into words perfect enough the emotions of a chrisian woman who has been waiting patiently for her mr. right. i thank u for the encouragement this letter of urs brought to me and my friends. ur life is a testimony of God’S power in our love life. my friends and i are really curious about what happened to ur life after writing this. hehe would u mind sharing it to us? how did God brought u ur mr right? i hope u wouldn’t take this action of mine as an intrusion. seeing how GOD works on the lives of other people is very encourAging. especially that he is a personal GOD and he could do 1000 things in 1 million different ways, or even more. hehe that makes us even more excited. i hope u really could reply to this. GOD BLESS u maam.

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  56. Dee

    When I read this, my heart melted. To know that heart of this man is truly awesome. This encourages to me hang in there!!!

  57. Carla530

    Wow….this was amazing and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing. What an encouraging story, Midori. So glad to know that you FINALLY got your Mister Right. I can’t wait to meet mine…

    • MidoriLei


      Thank you! I want to encourage you with these verses on patience. I realized the five years that I was single before I met my husband were crucial to my developing more faith, so I wanted to share what helped me…

      James 1:2-8

      New King James Version (NKJV)

      2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

      Before God brings Mr. Right, He wants to make sure that you are “perfect and complete, lacking nothing,” which I think means that we feel we have everything we need from God even when we are single. It is okay to “want” companionship, but he wants us to only “need” Him. And this can only be done through testing our faith, or having us “wait” for things.

      Your faith will not be met with disappointment:)

  58. Geraldine

    Thanks so much Midori —– I was definitely led here by the Spirit. I am going through a bit of a pit at the moment. And I think that it’s a season of trusting God with everything. Just being content with Him and trusting God. But we know the frustrations that we have with God sometimes, not actually knowing how sensitive He truly is toward all our needs. He always sends me the right messages or lead me to the right place where I know can only be Him telling me, I know what you need and I care about them. And He truly does. Everytime I try to convince God that He doesn’t understand me, He always in the most sensitive and most tender way show me that He does get me, and He does love me and my heart’s interest is His too.

    Just to be completely honest – I have been praying on a one specific guy — but I have been growing impatient on God’s timing. And it’s been over a year and some months that I have been praying on Mr X —- had a few breakthroughs, but God has shown me that neither one of us have our ducks in a row —– so tonight because I’m going through something else with God too lost my frustrations with God, and even after having a very faith filled session with my mom on the phone —– it still wasn’t enough for me —

    Long story short I needed to talk to someone other than my mom whose faith can move mountains and I feel like I’m in a marriage with God where I’m sitting at the dining room table just staring and saying nothing; neither one of them was going to do it for me. So, yes I did the unpardonable sin —- (and it’s unlike me, but I was desperate)
    I turned to Christian dating website —- yes, smite me! !!! And because they needed to, too many information and filling in apps, my frustrations even turned up more —- in a nutshell I was led here —- it was the first link I opened and it spoke so deep into my heart. It’s as if this guy I’m waiting on Mr X himself could have written it to me.

    And it’s as if God is telling me to wait on Him —- God tonight just showed me how much He truly cares about my heart’s desires —- and He truly is so sensitive to it, I know because He always proves it to me. So, I will just have to be mature and allow God to continue to do His works in me — because I know that He is doing works in my beloved Mr X himself

    So, I’m grateful to God and to you for this —- now I can go forth and have a joyful relationship with my ABBA first so that He mayiron the rest of the creases in my soul out. Until myself and Mr X is ready for our union.

    Thank you and God bless this letter should go out to the world, and there should be one to our “boyZ” too. They too need to know that we care and love them so deeply too. There will be less pain in this world —- this letter truly was a blessing. I will send it out to my girlfriends and to any woman in search of her soul mate!!! God bless!!!

    • MidoriLei

      Geraldine, I praise God for comforting you through the words on this site. Just trust God and be open to the possibility that the man God has for you might not be (or maybe) the Mr. X you speak of. One thing is sure, the man God has for you will not have a doubt in his mind that you are the one for him. I didn’t get married until I was 28, so I understand what you’re going through, but God is faithful. He will not give you a desire in your heart for companionship that he cannot satisfy.

      I wrote this article about how you know if he’s the one.

  59. Geraldine

    Thank you, God bless!!!

  60. SP

    I cried buckets and then laughed through the tears while reading this letter. I’m SO lonely and it’s been really hard to be patient with the Lord through almost 29 years of singleness. This December my younger sister will marry her wonderful fiance and while I smile and help with wedding preparations, my heart feels like it’s about to break. I guess it doesn’t help that all of my girlfriends are married and that I’m the only single one in the group.

    Thank you for this letter. I foresee myself reading it every day for a long while. I know that God IS faithful and that my heart is in the most perfect Hands. I desperately needed to read this today though. THANK YOU!

  61. Geraldine

    Hi Midori,
    And thank you for your input it’s always great to get a fresh perspective. I also read your article on “how do you know if he’s the one” – and it so much confirm what I’m really going through.
    When I first met Mr X, I had a moment of what they call “time stood still” and I remembered my heart skipping a few beats and my words uttering in silence to God “Father this is the one”

    The only thing is I think that there’s a role reversal here – because I somehow know that I too haven’t a choice in loving this man it’s just there. I asked God many times before why is it that I have come to love Mr X so much without even understanding why — I can understandwhat was meant in your other article on “how do you know if he’s the one” —- that when you know that, that person is the one — you just know, they are not an option and you feel as though you don’t have a say in it, or that you don’t have a choice but to accept that it’s love and they are the one.
    But what I mean by role reversal is because I don’t know why I’m being given the man’s role of having to feel this way about a girl —-?

    And I read another article last night on how some men including Christian men as the majority expects to be persued by women as the it is now in the “modern day error” politically alright since we are “equal” in the competitive world of man’s world. And I remember the author being a female was very confused and “fed up” as her main concern was toward Christian men. Because somehow they expect from God to throw a woman into their laps and they expect from a woman to do the persuing. Are we ever going to find the balance?

    But, I’m glad that God has allowed me a few roadblocks because God has showed me that I have put more emphasis on Mr X than I.have with him, and I’m glad that by the grace of God that the tables has now changed. And God has also showed me that I wasn’t ready for a relationship. If I had to be in a relationship right now it would have been out of co-dependency. And that is a big ‘no-no’ go zone!! My relationship with God is not at the intimate depth and intimacy it’s supposed to be —- how can I go and seek for this in someone else outside God or myself. And until I can get into a proper and meaningful intimate and indepth relationship with God, I won’t even think about having a relationship with Mr X or any man for that reason. I just believe that if you have a good relationship with God, you will have a brilliant relationship, first with yourself than with others outside yourself. Therefore you cannot give what you don’t have, and you cannot ask for something you haven’t a capacity to receive.

    But, I’m glad that my focus has changed since I put God first in my life again. And leaving things in God’s hands just makes life much easier to bear. But, I did ask God to have Mr X be the only one to have access to my heart. And I left the keys to my heart with Jesus. And I prayed asking God that Mr X is the only one that Jesus are allowed to give the keys to. Because, even though I don’t have my solemn focus on Mr X so much any more. And after all the said and done — after all co-dependency tendencies I find that I still love this guy. Feelings and emotions, are done away with Jesus. Because love is not based on feelings and emotions. It goes way pass that i.

    I have just found that I have a Godly kind of love for this guy, and my love for him is grounded on 1Corinthians13 — and my love is only growing deeper for him. But I alone know what God is trying to do in me, and through me. And I willingly have God have His way with me – because I’m not planning to have another ruined relationship in my life again. Had one too many. So,until hopefully and prayerfully one day God will cross our paths again with Mr X, I will have God do what He must do in me so that I can represent the perfect relationship which is the is the reflection of God and His love for us, with Mr X one day. I hope and I pray.

    But, for now I’m happy and look on God to fulfil me, complete me so that I may lack nothing. That’s what God wants for all of us. We cannot go as halves into relationships — we have to go as whole completed beings, complimenting each other. And being in a union with someone that will glorify God’s love and purpose for mankind and to serve God to His highest purpose and for less than that I won’t settle. So, being 33years old now —- I will wait until God decides when. And I have left the keys to my heart with Jesus for only one man to gain access to. And I believe that this too shall come to pass.

    But for now, I’m happy being single and happy – and I believe that God is doing His works in Mr X as well. But this is not my concern anymore. I’m happy with my Maker – He is all I ever wanted,needed or could ever ask for. And I praise and Glorify His Holy Name for all that He does is perfect —- and He loves and care so much for us, He doesn’t want to see us hurt or hurting others. We mustbe at peace with God’s pkans for outside lives and His timing.

    Thank you Midori —- I can see that you are blessed with the gift of love, and I pray that God will continue to bless you and use for the purpose He called you forth to do in the body of Christ. May the Lord bless you, shine His face upon you and bless you with His favor. God bless. And my apologies for the long email. 🙂

    • MidoriLei


      Thank you for your comment. I hope that God does satisfy your longing to be with this one man, but if he never pursues you, will you wait forever? What if another man pursues you who is attractive and truly loves you, and who is godly and a man of good character? Will you reject him because you are waiting for Mr X? I hope the answer is no. I hope that you will give another man a chance. You may disagree with me, but I believe that it is the man who “finds” the wife, not the other way around, so if Mr. X never comes to the point where he is as enthralled with you as you are with him or MORE than you are, then I am afraid he will not be the man for you. I hope nothing in you causes you to want to pursue him out of fear that he will never man up. Because I truly believe if he never man’s up, he’s not the right man for you. I just want you to find a man who will go to the ends of the earth for you, who will be naturally propelled to love you sacrificially, with all his being, with all he’s got, the way that Christ loves the church. As amazing as this man is, if he cannot pursue you as Christ first pursued the church, then he’s not “the one.” God made it this way to protect the woman. But, I hope that God does turn this man’s heart to love you, and that he fulfills your prayer with a resounding YES! Just know that sometimes God does say “no” and whenever he does, it’s only for our best interest and ultimate good. The plans that involve his “no’s” are always better than the plans that involve our “yes.'”


      “We love because he first loved us.” (1 John 4:19 (ESV)

      “A man who finds a wife, finds a good thing and gains favor from the Lord.” (Proverbs 18:22)

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  63. Nyongo

    I cried , i really needed this i didn’t know what scriptures to open up to , and a random search led me to such a beautiful post, It was just what i need to encourage me to be strong and patient and when i loose my focus , i ll pray to God just like i have been about this. I thank God for leading me here, and i thank you for sharing this because many Men and Women appreciate will appreciate this. I feel like im not alone in my emotion anymore. Thanks!

  64. Natalia

    I cried. I just so scared to being single at this time..after two years relathionsip and brole up, I really feel so empty. I’m desperate and hopeless..after everything happened in my life.I’m scare if no Mr.Right out there for me. But thanks God because He lead me to found this site. Just give me a new hope. I hope one day my Mister Right will find me.I hope God will make away for us. The right man in the right His time.

  65. LaDawn

    This brought me to tears. Thank you Anonymous Guy so much…

  66. Cookie Baby

    This made me cry….Natalia, I feel the samr way. I’m 32 and it seems lke I have been waiting forever for my Mr.Right.

    • MidoriLei

      Cookie Baby,

      Are you having a hard time getting a man interested, keeping a man interested, or finding a man worthy of your interest?

  67. Gary B

    LOL SO HEARTFELT! I’m not buying it…

  68. Alyssa

    Thank you so much for these letters. New Year’s Eve is always especially hard and I am also one who feels alone in a crowd. I have struggled with my body image for a long time so my favorite part was:

    “My eyes were made with you in mind, so I’d say you have an advantage over other women.”

    I have never thought of that and I am so encouraged that the man who is right for me will find me beautiful simply because God designed him to. Thanks again!

  69. Yana

    I am thankful I read the letter just right on time. I need it. For the past few days, I’ve been reminiscing what has happened to me and I can’t tell a time when I was so in loved. At times, I would wonder why my love life is like this and this letter has just enlightened me. I am so thankful to my Creator for preserving me for Mr. Right. I believe it’s worth the waiting.

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  72. Mars

    Where can I find the first letter? (,”) Oooohhhhh super love this letter!!! 😀

  73. Mars

    Where can I find the first letter? (,”) Oooohhhhh super love this letter!!! 😀 Please tell me where I can find the first letter. 🙂 Thank you so much! 😀

  74. Gary B

    This is nice and all, but I don’t think it’s realistic for everyone. I have social deficits and I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna find a Miss Right. I am not upset at being alone like some of the other people posting. I dont mind solitude at all. Most instances I prefer being alone. I don’t know what to say to women or how to interact so I mostly keep contact to a minimum. Oddly enough I am successful. Have a degree, working on another, and have a great job. I recently turned 30 and being single has been what i’ve known. I am content with that. I am very independent and do most things by myself. I go to eat, movies, shopping, etc alone all the time. It doesn’t make me unhappy or make me feel sorry for myself like some of the other posters. I dont feel the need to have a wife. Im not interested in starting a family. I would like to think that I can get favor from the Lord even if I don’t have a wife. There is just such a stigma in the church about being single. It’s almost like you are treated as a weirdo if you don’t have a gf or wife. I don’t converse much, but people at my church are friendly with me and will sometimes make comments about why don’t I have a gf or “you should get involved with the singles group”. It makes me feel more awkward and more self-conscious and it makes me feel bad about being me. Like there is something terribly wrong with me. I definitely don’t anticipate a relationship happening and I don’t look forward to that the way others do. I’m not bitter in any way. I’m just wired a little differently than others and what I lack in social and emotional skills, I make up for in other areas. I was told to look at this during a Sunday small group session and I found it to be a nice gesture but unrealistic for someone like me.

    • MidoriLei

      Gary B,

      First, I am so sorry that people in the church and in society have made you to feel like a weirdo for wanting to be single. There is definitely a place for singleness. Heck, Jesus and Paul were single! But let me ask you, is it that you TRULY want to be single forever or do you just find that the barriers and obstacles to obtaining a relationship aren’t worth the trouble… but you do seek companionship from the opposite sex.

      Also, what do you do about the sex drive? Do you ignore those feelings or are they pretty much non existent?

      I know that’s super personal, so if you don’t feel comfortable answering, then I understand. I’m just here to help, and I want to get a better understanding of your very specific situation.


  75. Gary B

    I’m not necessarily a loner, but like I said, I welcome solitude. I am socially awkward to the point where I avoid contact, which makes me appear rude. I’m not rude, I just don’t have the best social skills. I am very shy. I am not interested in pursuing a woman/relationship. I don’t think about relationships the way others do, as I do not wish for one or hope I find a wife. I do not actively pursue women and they do not seem to be interested in me. As for sex drive, it’s low to non-existent. Sexual urges are minimal. If I do think a certain woman is physically attractive, I usually ignore the feelings. It would be pointless to dwell on them, as I will not say anything or try to talk to her. I figure as I get older this should only get easier as sex drive diminishes with age. On a related note, I don’t crave that sort of intimacy. I don’t even know what that would be like and it honestly does not bother me. I am 30 and have never so much as held a girls hand. I knew a girl in college that may have liked me, but I didn’t know what to say to her so I just stopped talking to her. I didn’t have those feelings for her. I don’t think I have ever had romantic feelings for a woman. I am not gay, so you are aware. I don’t know what my issues are. I have a feeling it lies with a disordered personality. I just always could tell I was kind of different if that makes sense. When I was starting middle school and saw that some of my classmates and some male friends were starting to be interested in girls, I did not understand it cause I definitely did not feel that way. Then some college friends started getting married and I still had the same feelings I did when I was 13 or 14. I was happy for them, but I knew I lacked the emotional and social depth to be in that kind of relationship. Like I said in my prior post, I am independent and used to being alone. I don’t have sad feelings about being alone and I don’t go to bed at night wishing someone is next to me. I don’t think that I would be good in a relationship because I am not very sociable and I am not very in tune with my feelings. I am somewhat emotionally cold, if that makes sense. Women do not find this or my lack of confidence and shyness attractive.

    • MidoriLei

      Gary B,

      well, I may have just had the pleasure of interacting with a modern day Thoreau. That’s great. There’s nothing wrong with you. You are different from most, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. As long as you are happy, content, and wouldn’t change your situation, then I don’t see why anyone should try to force you or encourage you to come out of it. God bless you in all your pursuits. As Paul said, if you’re not burning with passion for someone (which it looks like you’re not) then it’s better, and less complicated to remain single as he was. Unlike the rest of us who have strong sex drives and an inclination to find companionship and thus our affections are divided, you are FREE to pursue God whole heartedly, without distraction. What others may look to as strange is God’s blessing for you if in fact you see it as a blessing. The only thing that might not come as a blessing is how others react to your station in life. But to those people, you can tell them to read 1 Cor 7! (below)

      These ideas are from 1 Cor 7. Here’s a link if you’re interested or not familiar with these principles of singleness.

  76. Kristina

    Wow this letter was so amazing and encouraging! It made me cry! Thank you so much for posting it, it has encouraged me to not settle for less than the perfect guy God has planned for me!

  77. Gary B

    Thanks for the reply. And I am familiar w/ 1 Cor 7. I think it’s just a church mindset thing. And a lot of church women seem to like to play matchmaker. Lol. I am content and will continue to be.

  78. Max

    Thanks so much for this post. I had completely given up on God in these particular area. I didn’t trust him with it because somehow all my relationships would fail. So I decided to go it alone and even that didn’t work. Currently I am dating a Muslim man and it was in my search for information about interfaith marriages that I came across your letter. I couldn’t stop crying. I honestly didn’t think God cared anymore. I reach a point where I don’t even pray about it anymore because I could never understand why I have to pray so much for a husband while some of my friends meet wonderful men so easily. What is it about me?? How do I stop this yearning for a husband and just be content and happy being single?and now I meet a wonderful man who is everything I could want but doesn’t believe in Jesus and I am so confused.

    • MidoriLei

      Hi Max,

      That’s such a hard predicament, and I feel your pain and frustration. Here, you have met a wonderful man who loves God but doesn’t know Jesus. Is this enough? Is loving God enough to make you equally yoked?

      First I want you to contemplate the verses in 2 Cor 6:14-18.

      It’s pretty clear that it’s talking about being yoked with someone who is an idolator who lives in lawlessness, but your boyfriend is a believer in God. I am a Christian, and I believe in Christ as my savior, but I also don’t believe you have to believe in Christ to be saved. Christ and God can save anyone. When I think of all the faiths in the word that believe in God, I don’t think they are wrong and Christians are the only ones with the truth. What I believe is that Christianity is God’s ULTIMATE revelation of himself. The other faiths that believe in God have a grasp of who God is, but because in Christianity God came as a man, Christianity allows us to see God the clearest. Christianity is the only faith that allows man to come to God not because of his own good deeds but because of grace, and faith and mercy. That is what is so special about Christianity. That being said, other religions who believe in the invisible God do hold truth, but only a partial truth. I think that God chose to reveal himself to humans in the form of a man(his son Jesus Christ) because so many people had a misconception of who he was. But Christianity is primarily a western religion. Does this mean that God cannot save an aborigine in the jungles of Nepal? No. God and Jesus can save anyone. God judges according to the knowledge he has given an individual.

      It is true that the bible says that Jesus is the only way to the Father…

      John 14:6
      Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

      But to me that doesn’t mean that he can’t save people who don’t know him. He can do anything! He can save anyone. He’s just making the point that he is the way to the father. Some may know that in this life, some may know it in the next, but I think the question you have to ask yourself is, “What is a believer?”

  79. trying to have faith

    i’m 37, single, never married, never been in long term committed relationship.
    my life is not ‘normal’. …. the american dream… marry and have kids.
    my church is in a series ‘home sweet home’ and the first sermon, about marriage, started with the verse, “it is not good for man to be alone”….
    why am I alone God?
    my heart’s desire is to be filled with God’s love. but i want a husband and children. i don’t understand it. it’s hard in this world…..

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  81. Rachel

    I have one word for that letter–CHEESY!

    For a 40 year old virgin (really) I think this is silly and sentimental to the nth degree. Where’s some good practical advice about accepting the fact God probably wants you alone? It’s not as though I’m Benjamina Button and become younger and prettier with time. I live in an isolated town of 7000. Maybe I’ll run into Prince Charming at the supermarket…ha ha! You can have really meaningful, in-depth conversations over the asparagus.

    I have tried online dating and tried it and tried it….Isn’t that the working definition of insanity? I’m not picky, but I hate online dating. It’s like a sleazy virtual singles’ bar. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “Christian” or not, the only men that show an interest in me are pervs. Better alone than with them.

    There are several nice Christian men at church–one little problem…they’re all MARRIED. It seems I’m the only single who goes to church. I can’t imagine why when the church is positively dripping over with love and acceptance for people in all walks of life. 😛

    And spare me the stale anecdote about someone’s Great Aunt Brunhilda who FINALLY MARRIED(thank God, because now the church can accept her at last) at 97 to some sweet widower of 100 and can finally be happy (?) because she knows true luv! Long life to the happy couple! Frankly Aunt Brunhilda should be shopping for caskets instead of white lace and orange blossoms. Icky thought…someone’s mummy of an aunt ugly even in her prime. Now imagine the shriveled hag well on her way to corpsedom, wearing a strapless lace wedding gown. Don’t even get me started on the honeymoon. :/ Probably won’t be anything to celebrate–let’s face it their lives are already over.

    Half of my life is over now. I don’t want to waste it on thoughts of what will never be for me. Time to kiss false hope good bye. All the guys my age are sour divorcees who imagine they can get some 20-year-old Disney Princess look alike. Pure as the driven snow but pretty as a model. And they can, but they had better be loaded!

    Frankly I’m disappointed with this blog. My best years are behind me. I have resigned myself to God’s will that I be alone forever. Maybe I should start my own blog for Christian singles who don’t want to put their lives on hold…

    And no there’s not someone for everyone, unless you believe in polygamy. 111 women and 100 men mean a lot of lonely women! 🙁 Figures don’t lie, sentimental drivel notwithstanding.

    Now I’m off to cancel my account and burn some Lies called prairie romance novels. If I had a daughter, I would keep her away from that trash.

    Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

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  83. Muffet

    Thank you so much for sharing these letters! I’m single and nearing the age of thirty and have been really struggling with feeling alone…wondering how long I must wait…if maybe my ideals and standards are too high… Reading these letters was so refreshing! I was reminded that God does have a specific plan for each of us and it might mean that we have to wait while He is molding us individually for another. I have copied both letters into a word document to read again and again. Thank you for so willingly sharing!

    • MidoriLei


      Praise God! It’s amazing how God reaches our hearts when we are at a low point — and he does so sometimes through strangers! I’m happy you are encouraged! Be blessed and if you get lonely, it doesn’t hurt to write letters to your future spouse:) I know it helped me when I was single!

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  85. LaDawn

    Every time I read that letter it is encouraging. So glad to see people are still touched by it 4 years later…Praise God for the Anonymous Guy that wrote it.

  86. Brigit

    I love this article!!! I needed this God bless you!!!

  87. Divine

    I’m turning 33 this coming next month,I’m still very much single and available, and I’m planning to settle down after my two years of my contract here in my work abroad. But there’ s still a big question in my mind if who is the man who will be with me, and God will give me as my destiny according to HIs plan for me..I have a big faith that One day GOd will give me the right man for me according to His plan for me. I had a recent bf we’ve been almost 4 yea in a relationship but a sad to say he passed away 5 years ago.I thought that he will be my destiny, and I promise to him when my age come 30 I will marry him, but a sad to say when I was 28 years old, he passed away.after he died I was just focus on my work, work. I hope and I hardly pray that one day I will meet my destiny in the right time and in the right place according to God’s will for me.

    • MidoriLei


      I’m so sorry for your loss hun. That is so tragic! I’m praying right now that God will send you your future spouse soon. Thanks for your comment.

  88. Divine

    Thanks MIdorilei…GOd Bless!

  89. gentle_heart

    I’m back MidoriLie, just wanted to thank you for giving me those words of encouragement way back May, 2012. Well, it turn out that I will meet my special man of God through a Christian dating site, October last year. I was so overjoyed that he will come in September here in Manila with his two beautiful kids. I’m already 45 years old and God showed me that with prayers and patience… He will give me the desires of my heart which is to love and care for this man.

    To the ladies out there, never lose hope. Stay in the Word. Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, lean not with your own understanding. He will give you the Best just for you. This Blog gives me hope and courage to go on. Do pray for us, still. Always include us in your prayers. Thanks Midorelie and Mr. Anonymous Guy.

  90. gentle_heart

    You’re welcome MidoriLei. God is good! God bless to all of us!

  91. gentle_heart

    You’re very much welcome MidoriLei. God is good! God bless to all of us!

  92. Leticia

    hello all,

    Years have passed by, the Lord’s immense mercies and bounties have overflowed and here I am, 4 years after discovering this website with 2 children and a loving God fearing husband.
    Marriage is an enterprise that comes with its ups and downs. It involves 2 different people from different backgrounds and upbringings trying to become “one flesh” as the Bible says in the book of Matthew.It is full of valleys and you better know how to jump before choosing to enter into it.
    There is an adjusting period which takes friction, edge-cutting,moulding and making. This period comes with a gauge that measures how solid the union is. This is the process.Every marriage goes through it. THis is where I want to encourage my Christian single sisters to wait for the Lord’s own appointed person for their lives. IF the guy you marry is GOD fearing, you shall walk through those valleys but harbour no fears because your mutual prayers will make the LOrd your guide. I am glad my “Mr Right” knows God so no matter how uncomfortable that adjusting period seems to be, we always manage to climb a hurdle that takes us further into God’s PLAN for our lives.
    Single lady, be patient and let the LOrd Himself choose HIs perfect person for you. He created you and so knows exactly with whom you will fit. YOu are in HIs PLANS so no racing ahead. stick to HIm and He shall accomplish the desires of your heart.
    GOd bless

  93. Divine

    Hi dear Leticia,

    Thank you so much for encouragement for us all single lady’s here who’s still waiting for the right man, like me..I still hope and keep on praying that one day I meet my destiny according to God’s plan for me.May God bless us all.

  94. Oladoyin

    thank you so much for that. i feel so encouraged and expectant. please i wasn’t able to access the first part of the letter: a letter for every single christian guy…. i would like to share this with other ladies. thanks and God bless.

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  96. Chelsea

    I needed this today!!! Those words spoke to my soul and I was holding back tears the whole time. I have a journal where I right my Mr right. But today the enemy really just got to me and I was feeling so lonely and my heart just hurt for him. I’ve dated in the past and was the one who had to end the relationship twice in the past 5 years… The enemy tells me how too picky and I’ll never get married since I turned down two great guys that I felt couldn’t really make me happy due to spiritual levels. This letter is similar to what I wright to my future love and felt that I have been so one sided in praying and longing for my future husband… Thank you for relaying his words and prayers back to me <3

  97. Leticia

    I just want to encourage u to WAIT for God s will.
    If someone doesn’t meet your Godly standards, don’t marry him.
    It s sad to see how much church n society puts pressure on single ladies to get married.
    If u give in to social pressures n lower your Godly standards and marry dat ungodly guy, u will cry your heart out day n night N wish for a divorce.
    Wait for the Lord. Wait dear sister, it will be worth it.
    Trust me, Many unhappy married sisters hope they could turn back the hands of time n enjoy happy unmarried lives before choosing. I mean, before allow God to choose.
    God bless Sis. U r not picky, u r just playing the King’s daughter who is constantly straightening her crown:)

  98. Aryanna

    Thank you for writing publishing this. It is encouraging to know that I have heard from God rightly because you are also repeating key points that I have received.

    These points are:
    1)Focus on growing spiritually, serving God, every step you take lead by God.
    2) don’t compromise,
    3)don’t be afraid to pray all your hearts’ desires, God can fulfill it even if your future just looks bleak right now.
    4) God gave you certain specific preference in a spouse because He has someone in mind for you that you have not yet cross paths with.
    5) Seeking for a spouse outside the timing of God leads to disappointment. (I have been disappointed many times, the emotional pain of dashed hopes is not worth it).
    6) The way I expected to be love was is not a fantasy after all. Stop listening to worldly views about marriage because they are just so wrong.
    7) The waiting period is time God use to mold you and your future spouse, so that you both will compliment one another when it is time to meet.

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