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5 Steps to Improve Your Kissing Technique

Just talked to a coworker this week and had a really interesting conversation! She told me she has broken up with guys JUST because they kissed terribly. One such guy had everything else going for him, but bad kissing was a deal breaker. Such a terribly easy fix to improve your kissing technique, and such a sad cause of breakup. Of course, as a dating columnist, I felt it my duty to share with the gentlemen especially, how they can improve their kissing technique. So, here goes!

1. Breath through your nose.

All that heavy breathing through your mouth isn’t doing anything for the ladies. I know it’s probably all hot and heavy when you’re having a full fledged make out session, but this one little trick— to breath through your nose instead of your mouth will greatly exalt the experience for your lady friend:)

2. It’s not a world domination. Settle down.

Start gently, teasingly. Progress. Don’t go at it like you’re waging war. As my coworker puts it, “Dude, it’s a peaceable event. Please don’t kiss me like we’re enemies.” So… gentlemen less Mr. and Mrs. Smith and more built up progression. Tease her. Make her want more. Don’t go full throttle all at once. Build the passion.

3. Tongue is great, but it better be controlled.

I know the first guy I ever kissed felt like I was kissing some uncontrolled snake. It was rough! Make sure if you’re Frenching, your tongue has some level of control, not like a glutton at a Chinese Buffet. Just because you can eat everything doesn’t mean you have to. Just because you can use tongue doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time or forcibly.

4. Be conscientious of where the saliva is and how much is being exchanged.

I know this seems really hard to calculate?… but you have to keep the saliva to a minimum. Also keep the saliva only on her lips, and not in the surrounding areas. No lady wants to exit a make out session wiping her chin and upper lip and cheeks because you’ve decided to drool all over her. 🙁

5. Don’t just let your lips and tongue do all the kissing. Make it a full body experience.

This means use your hands to cradle her head, use your body to envelop her. Use your arms to pull her as close to you as humanly possible by holding her from the small of her back. Let your body move with the movements. Make her feel like you can’t get close enough to her. I like to tell men that kissing isn’t just an experience for the lips. It’s a whole body experience. Make sure you communicate that.

If you need a visual, here’s this awesome clip (again! le sigh :))

Most importantly, be mindful and deliberate of what is going on. Hope that helps! Comment if you have any questions:)

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