3 Years and Counting…

Nate and I just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. THE TIME HAS FLOWN BY!!!

I can’t wait for the next 3 years… and then honestly, I’m scared of the 7th… because couples talk about the dreaded 7 year itch. Does anyone have any stories about this dreaded 7 year itch? Would love to know!

Just want to share a couple pictures from a photo shoot my friend did for us, and that Nate did for me as a labor of love.

Literally hard work since this man HATES taking pictures. It was really sweet of him to agree to it for his picture loving wife! I paid him with kisses:)

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  1. Dee

    Congrats, Sis!

  2. Brenda

    Both of you look gorgeous. Congrats, and have a long relationship together.

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