3 Date Night Movies (And 1 For Single Men!)

Today we have a guest post for all you lovely gentlemen in a relationship. For all the single men, Crazy, Stupid, Love will teach you about how to attract women!

    Finding the right sorts of activities for a home date night can be a bit difficult, and can be even more so when there’s nothing on TV that both you and your partner will enjoy. However, if you are still having trouble with this, and are struggling to find good date movies or television at home, it may be time to compare cable providers to make sure that you are getting all of the channels and movie packages that you ought to be. Because, with the right programming package, you should have access to a wide range of entertainment, and you will certainly be able to find a nice date movie. For example, consider a few of the following, all of which have come out recently, and all of which can be great date night movies to watch as you curl up with your loved one.

    Midnight In Paris –

    One of the most charming films of the year – and indeed, of recent memory – Midnight in Paris can be a great film to lose yourself in with the person you love. Though the movie deals in part with a failing engagement, this piece of the plot is light enough to be dismissed, and the bulk of the film is simply about artistry and beauty. This may not be a traditional date movie, and it certainly isn’t a “chick flick,” but it is without a doubt a film that is sure to keep you both amused and comfortable, and it can be very nice to watch with someone you care about on a personal level.

    Friends With Benefits –

    If you and your loved one are hoping for something entertaining, but also romantic, then look no further than this surprise film. As its title suggests, the movie deals with two friends (played charismatically by Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis) who decide to engage in a purely sexual relationship, with no emotional attachments beyond friendship. The film is light, funny, and surprisingly powerful in its romantic messages, and is hard not to enjoy even when alone – with a partner, it’s nothing short of fantastic.

    Crazy, Stupid Love –

    If you and your partner are wanting something a bit more serious or heavy, then this isn’t a bad film to consider either. While it is primarily a comedy, and features a huge amount of comic relief (largely thanks to Ryan Gosling), this film has deep themes about the sheer persistence of love, and how we should never, under any circumstances, give up on the people that we love. This is one that can certainly leave you in a romantic mood, and is another great example of the kinds of home date movies you should be enjoying.

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