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10 Surprising Hubby Qualities That Make Marriage Laid Back/Easier

I didn’t realize these qualities would make marriage life pretty laid back, but now that I know, I want to share with you ladies so you know what to look for in a hubby!

1. He doesn’t have a temper.

    Do you know that one time I was holding the remote and instead of pressing “play” on the DVR, I actually pressed “delete” and deleted Nate’s tv show? Not just any episode of Top Shot mind you, but the finale. Eeks. I looked at him and thought, Oh crap, I’m really gonna get it.

    But what did Mr. Good Natured do? Oh, after I apologized profusely, he shrugged it off and said, “Oh well. You didn’t mean to. It was an accident. That’s okay.”

    I remember dating this guy around the time I started college who had road rage. It scared the living begeezers out of me. I never grew up around arguing or fighting, (I’ve only seen my parents fight once in my whole life) so when I see hot heads or angry guys, it just freaks me out! Whether or not you lived in an environment with fighting/arguing, just know that you can choose a guy who doesn’t have a temper and change the atmosphere in your home, just by paying attention to this one little quality. Does he get angry easily? Don’t walk, RUN the other way.

2. He’s not a picky eater.

    Okay, so a guy with a temper may be a deal breaker but a picky eater, you can probably deal with. But let me tell you how wonderful it is to be married to someone who eats everything you put in front of him! Added bonus: he is always always appreciative. Take note guys. Your appreciation will insure more future wonderful meals:)

    I remember dating a police officer in college who, kid you not, only ate pizza, lasagna and apple fritters. I let him try a fried beef spring roll (who doesn’t like those?!) and he didn’t like it. In my head I was thinking, Wow, how will we eat meals together? This isn’t going to be easy.

3. He’s not a stressed out, anxious, worrier kind of person.

    I’m definitely that:( But having Nate as this kind of strong rock really helps me out. He always focuses on what he can control and shrugs off everything else. He makes me a better person.

    One time, he actually had his jeep stolen. Did he freak out? Nope. He was like, What can you do? It’s gone. So he filed the police report and called his insurance company and that was that. Bravo bravo to the cool, calm and collected gentlemen out there:)

4. He’s positive and content.

    How do you know if the man you are with is positive and content? You can’t remember the last time he complained about anything. You know why it’s nice being married to a positive and content person? It seems like I’m stating the obvious, but you really do become more like the people who you associate with. And I want to be more positive and content. Nate helps me be the best version of myself. Even when life is not easy (his dad passed away this year, he’s had a lot of job stress) he always has a positive outlook. He makes me see the silver lining. He makes me realize that I can choose contentment right now, that I don’t have to wait for anything in my life to change.

5. He puts me first BUT he also has his own hobbies.

    What I’ve seen is one or the other, not both. I either see a guy who puts a woman first, but it’s because he doesn’t have any friends or real interests. Boring. Or I see the guy who has his own hobbies, but they end up dominating his life, becoming the main priority instead of the relationship being the priority.

    I think the key is to find the person who puts you first, makes you his top concern, but also has a full life of his own.

    Nate always has something going on. In the time that we’ve been married, he’s learned how to ride a motorcycle, winterize a motorcycle, do fly fishing, bow fishing, and right now he’s taking a casting class. I’ve helped him find those classes, and I encourage women to do the same, but at the end of the day, if he doesn’t have interests outside of you and video games/watching tv, you’re going to find yourself feeling less respect for him.

    You gain respect for men who want to continually learn new skills, have new adventures, guys who are really out there busy living:)

I’ll have the rest of the five tomorrow!

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