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10 Gift Ideas for your Significant Other

Running out of time to get the right gift for your special lady?  If you are looking for ideas, you have come to the right place

1. Does she have pets?

Have a painting made of her pet, there are even spots that print canvases of the pet with royal garb!  You can find someone on Etsy, but that might take too long!! Go for a Google search.

Put her pet on personalized socks, a pillow or an oversized coffee cup! 

2. Short on Cash?

You can do one of these, but I suggest ALL of them:

Find out her favorite meal and cook it.

Then rub her feet or back while she gets to watch whatever she wants on TV.

Pick your favorite picture of you two and put it in a frame that matches her decor.  Remember to write something sweet to go with it!

Fix something at her place that is broken, mow her lawn, do something she always wants to and you hate.

Write a love letter and explain that because funds are short, you are going the extra mile to show her how much you value her.

3. Printed Photo Book

Go all in and do a photo book!  Pick all of your favorite pics together and put them in a gorgeous printed book. Google photo book and different options for printing will pop up! (PS. Your mom would love one of all the family.)

4. Got money to burn?

A small weekend get away. Pick a cabin in the woods or a fancy hotel and take her away for a day or two.

5. Jewelry

I’m not big on jewelry. I never wear it. But a lot of women do, and absolutely would love a piece that you picked out because you know they would love it.

6. Coffee

This may just be me. But I love coffee. (You can even read about my obsession here.) It’s more of an obsession than a love. And some of the best gifts I have received have been related to that love: Fancy beans from a far off farm, a frother, a greca/stovetop espresso maker, a French press, all the accoutrements. Anything to do with drinking or making coffee is a hit for me!

However, if coffee is not her thing, find out what food she is really into and get her the best of the best, a sample of the finest there is.

7. Something for her hobbies

Find out her hobby and get her something special to go with it. Here are some quick ideas:

  • Hiking: get a portable espresso maker or foldaway hammock.
  • Yoga: A fancy yoga mat, new yoga pants
  • Bookworm: The latest by her favorite author or a signed copy of her favorite book
  • Cooking: Cooking classes for the two of you
  • Traveling: A ‘travel map’ to mark all the places she has been

8. Earbuds

Splurge on some fancy wireless ones so she can communicate, work out and jam out in style.

9. Does she like massages? Mani/pedi’s?

Find out and get her one!  One of my favorite Friday activities was to get a foot massage. Find out what type of massage she is into and spoil her!

What could be better than a mani/pedi? Your man being willing to do it with you! Man up and get those nails done right.

10. Shoes

You know I’m right. Get her those impractical but gorgeous heels that she will have a reason to wear once or twice a year and write a note telling her where you are taking her to and what date you have reservations on. 

These are just some fun ideas to get those creative juices flowing! You know your lady a lot better than I do; we just happen to have the same chromosomes in common.  

What other ideas do you have for a Christmas present for your Significant Other?
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