Every Female Needs to Watch This.

July 16th, 2014 by MidoriLei

I think at one point or another, every female has to struggle with the idea that their appearance matters to men, BUT at the same time, their appearance does not dictate their worth.

It’s nice to like what you see when all the makeup is off, when you are naked and bare, but more importantly, it’s ESSENTIAL to know that NONE of it makes you more or less worthy as a human being. You are worthy by your very existence just because the God of the universe decided to give you life. Profoundly comforting isn’t it?

As a Makeup Artist, THIS is What I’ve Learned about Women

May 30th, 2014 by MidoriLei

My friend Jacki, posted this on my FB wall. This is sooo true.

We are too damn hard on ourselves! Why is it the cultural norm for women to put themselves down in public, to strangers, to friends. Ugh! I’m sick of it! And then the woman who doesn’t do this but acts confidently and self assured, you can just hear all the other women snickering in the background, “OMG she is soooo full of herself!” This has got to change.

I had a revelation one day about beauty that I’m sure I’ve already shared on this blog but it’s worth repeating. It’s so easy to want what somebody else has. If I actually looked like my vision of the ideal girl, Nate wouldn’t have noticed me! That’ scary to think. I look the way I do and am the way I am because God made me this way for him. Crazy thought actually. If everyone else has greener grasses syndrome and can’t appreciate what they have going for them, I might as well just enjoy what I’ve got going for me. Let the covetousness end now. Let’s embrace what we were born with. Hurrah.

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